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Welding Safety video series by Lincoln Electric

These 2 to 10 minute videos are perfect for "mixing in" between other topics, or right before a break.

35 second introduction

The first time I used these was May, 2017 in Cadillac, MI at a manufacturing plant. It went very well!  They're entertaining - funny, even - & were very well-received by the attendees.  A month later I was taking a TIG class at Lincoln Electric in Cleveland, OH and mentioned to the instructors that I'd started using their videos in my training programs. They were happy to hear it, but a bit sheepish at the same time, saying, "you don't think they're a bit too silly?"  I responded, "No... well yeah, they are pretty silly, but they check every box, & in an entertaining way.  After all, it's my job to train people to work safely, & these videos not only keep folks awake, they make them laugh!"  

Welding safety topics  (& length in minutes)

Normally the first 4 are automatically included in training.  Pick among the others based on time available.

Electric Shock
Fumes & Gasses
Fire & Explosions
Personal Protective Equipment   9:17
cnc plasma.png

CNC Plasma Systems 


Misc. Safety*
* Miscellaneous Safety includes 10 additional videos, each 2-4 minutes in length on the following subjects:​

- Warning Labels      - Safety Data Sheets      - Engine Driven Equipment      - GFCI      - Grounding

- Engine Exhaust     - Trailer Safety     - Confined Spaces     - Work Area     - Electromagnetic Fields

Oxy-Fuel Safety

Video & support materials by Victor Technologies

Victor OxyFuel Training.png
3 Oxy-Fuel checklist.jpg

Time requirement:  45 minutes.  (100% classroom)

Expanded version: 1 hour, includes safety quiz & discussion.

Cutting Heating dictionary.jpg

Oxy-acetylene torch safety checklists  and Cutting & Welding Dictionary included in the Student/Reference Manual

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 4.42.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 4.49.53 PM.png
Sometimes it can be instructive (and entertaining) to watch surveillance videos showing what
not to do when operating
a cutting torch. 
    (Yes, we watch funny videos.)
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