Practical Metallurgy

Carbon Steel

      Course objectives

  • Provide a better understanding of the terminology used in the welding industry

  • Describe the mechanical properties of steel and see how they are tested

  • Learn about the structure of carbon steel and how to alter its mechanical properties

  • Review numbering and naming conventions used in the industry

  • Practice heat treatment techniques used by welders and engineers

Who Should Attend: all maintenance personnel including supervisors, machinists, welders, auto & diesel mechanics, as well as engineers, marketing & salespeople

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Time requirement:  3+ hours.  (75% classroom, 25% shop)

"Competitive learning" in the classroom, & practical application in the shop.

Before the heat treatment, we bend a hangar until it breaks
noting the force required to bend it - usually 3-4 bends.
(This is repeated after the heat treatment.)
A quench & temper starts with heating to red hot & quenching in water... 
Spark testing to identify carbon content in steels
... then reheating slowly to purple, followed by annealing or normalizing

Allotropes of Carbon

22 pages of reference materials from Practical Metallurgy are included in the Student/Reference Manual
sample pages
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