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Practical Metallurgy

Carbon Steel

      Course objectives

  • Provide a better understanding of the terminology used in the welding industry

  • Describe the mechanical properties of steel and see how they are tested

  • Learn about the structure of carbon steel and how to alter its mechanical properties

  • Review numbering and naming conventions used in the industry

  • Practice heat treatment techniques used by welders and engineers

Who Should Attend: all maintenance personnel including supervisors, machinists, welders, auto & diesel mechanics, as well as engineers, marketing & salespeople

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(In-person, classroom/shop version)

Time requirement:  3+ hours.  (75% classroom, 25% shop)

"Competitive learning" in the classroom, & practical application in the shop.

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Before the heat treatment, we bend a hangar until it breaks
noting the force required to bend it - usually 3-4 bends.
(This is repeated after the heat treatment.)
A quench & temper starts with heating to red hot & quenching in water... 
Spark testing to identify carbon content in steels
heating hangar.jpg
... then reheating slowly to purple, followed by annealing or normalizing
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Allotropes of Carbon

22 pages of reference materials from Practical Metallurgy are included in the Student/Reference Manual
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sample pages
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Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 11.37.03
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