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Congratulations Colorado LTAP & huge thanks to San Juan County (Utah) 
Road & Bridge
 for hosting welding training in March 2024

group pic1.JPG
Both San Juan County shops - Monticello & Blanding - participated in the welding training.  And (for a change) I remembered to request that someone take photos!  
GWS guys1.jpg
As usual, I forgot to ask someone to take pix, so I had to go back the day after training & get this one.
Thanks for hosting, City of Glenwood Springs, CO!
TIG 1a.jpeg
The TIG station was very popular.
For many, it was their first time to try it.
stick gouge stn.jpeg
Gouge rod was a hit, as many hadn't seen it used properly.
Of course, I broke out the thermal lance & let
the guys take turns piercing a steel block 
AirAxe pierce.png

Many thanks & congratulations to Arlington County (VA) for hosting
awesome & fun 3 days of welding training, October 17-19, 2023

Intermed class outside.HEIC
Intermed class1.JPG
MIG stn3a.heic
stick stn3.HEIC
After learning to practice lap, T- & butt joints on coupons, creative "mascots" take shape when the guys weld those coupons (etc.) together. 

A HUGE thank you to TPC Training for hosting 10 sessions (49 hours!) of
welding training over 6 DAYS at Carrier Collierville, TN!  September 11-16, 2023

Carrier Corp. Collierville, TN
One of the biggest buildings I've ever been inside... 
& it goes all the way across this panoramic photo!
Carrier Collierville entrance2.png
Once inside, it's a long walk back to the maintenance shop (see red arrow pointing to orange overhead door)
Carrier maint door.JPG
Greetings from the TIG station!
A group from one of the 5 welding stations
(2 stick, 1 MIG, 1 "dual shield" & 1 TIG)
TIG stn group.JPG

Congrats & many thanks to N. Dakota LTAP, the Dunn County Highway Dept.
& Minot Public Works
 for hosting welding training in August, 2023

Dunn County group.  Killdeer, ND
As usual, gouge rod was a hit, as many hadn't seen it used properly.

Luckily, we had plenty to practice with!
bigGroup gouge1.jpg
Highly skilled &/or certified weldors can learn something new, because this is MAINTENANCE WELDING.  We repair aluminum, cast 
Minot City  group.  Minot, ND
iron & hard-to-weld steels & alloys
Al MIG2a.jpeg

Congratulations Colorado LTAP & huge thanks to El Paso County &   Gunnison County Public Works for hosting welding training in May 2023

cool pic1.HEIC
MIG station.jpg
We practice in the shop & outside, using metal
    & machines provided by the host agency
CSp group1.jpg
  Participants are encouraged to bring welders, rod, & wire             from their shops to learn how to use them safely. 
Gunni gouge.png
DualShield vert.JPG

CONGRATULATIONS Richland County & Prairie County Public Works! 
Hooray, Montana LTAP!  THANK YOU for hosting welding training March 21-23, 2023

Prairie County
held both, the classroom & hands-on welding sessions out
in the shop.  Cool!   

Welding Safety training at Richland County.
We watch how,
then go practice.
Prairie Co group pic.JPG
Arc gouging with stick electrodes is always a fun element to add to the curriculum.

Watch the
sparks fly!

Wow! the busiest October ever:  2 Regional Roads Conferences & 2 weeks
of training workshops.  Huge thank yous to Utah & Nebraska LTAPs

stick stn4.jpg
Brian from Matheson.jpg
NE LTAP logo1.png
new Utah LTAP Logo.png
PlatteC classroom.jpg
A local welding supplier brought 2 new machines for the group to try: 1 multi-process, & 1 a 200A stick welder weighing less than 20 lbs! - Thanks, Brian!
(below)  let's see how it's supposed to look under the hood, and then go out there and practice running beads
SMAW (stick) is always a favorite process at my workshops, whether for brushing-up on skills or for new guys striking arcs for the first time.
this is what happens when guys at the MIG station decide to build a mascot for the class with the used lap & T-joint coupons
Oglebay front door.png
MWT booth at NCRRC.JPG

2 Roadway Management Conferences in October '22
Oglebay (W.Va) resort & Rapid City, SD

vendor booth at Rapid City conference

Guest speaker at Oglebay Resort, conference
(thank you, Robin)

Huge thanks & congrats to Virginia LTAP & Arlington County Department of Environmental Services for hosting 2 welding workshops June 22-23, 2022

Va pic 4.jpeg
Stick welding was the focus for everyone on both days, as several students had never struck an arc before
Arlington Va logo.png
26 public works employees participated in the full-day welding & safety training
Unfortunately, this is a close as we got to a group photo.
Va FC1.jpeg
Flux core (FCAW-s) was also available for everyone to practice
Va svc truk.jpeg
Thanks to solid waste dept. for providing their service truck & portable welder for a 2nd station
Va pic 2.jpeg
There's much to be learned from watching each other weld beads on plate or join 2 pieces together

Congratulations & many thanks to Gunnison County Public Works 
and Colorado LTAP for hosting welding training March 23-24, 2022

T chipping slag.jpg
Demonstrating technique for 2F SMAW.
Stick welding & gouging were very popular lab topics for everyone, on both days
Gouge front.jpeg
Gunni gouge 2.jpg
Gunni weld1.jpg
3 stations.jpg
Chamfer rod (gouge rod) was on hand,
but hardly anyone knew how to use it.  
We quickly changed that.
The fume extractor was very handy for the gouge station.

3 stations were set up in the welding bay:
  • stick welding
  • MIG welding
  • gouging
My apologies to the Mar. 23rd group - I'm horrible at remembering to take photos! 

Fall '21: GREAT to get back to in-person training!
Thank you, KS, NE, UT & CO LTAP agencies for hosting.

Also, it was great seeing everyone at the N. Central Div. Roads Conference in Sioux Falls!

Lincoln group1.jpg
Tony instructing in shop.jpg
NE LTAP logo1.png
2 stations Linc.jpg
NE stick on blade.jpg
Ogallala classroom1.jpg
UT LTAP-Logo-straight.png
stick3 ut.jpg
1 big group zoom.jpeg
KS LTAP logo.png
CO LTAP logo.png
Roads Conf 20Oct21.JPG

Congrats & THANK YOU, (Chip) of the Colorado Division of Parks & Wildlife for
organizing & hosting MIG, FC & of training for the Pitkin and Roaring Judy Hatchery technicians!

CDOW group1.jpg
Classroom in the shop. 
Great idea!
Two stations with wire machines:
1 loaded with solid (MIG) wire, & 1 loaded with FC-g (dual shield) wire. Everyone got to weld with each type, & learn about their advantages.
In the classroom we discuss variables like stick out, gun angle & travel speed, & watch expertly-made videos showing proper operation & technique, as well as a few entertaining welding safety training videos.

HUGE THANKS to Town of Crested Butte
& congratulations on your SMAW & Welding Safety workshop!

CB weld2.jpg
Classroom in the shop - on a lift! 
We placed a monitor at the front & gathered around for the SMAW discussion & safety videos. 
CB lift.jpg
Matt gouging E3A.jpg
It was great, after taking April thru November off from in-person training, to get back to "sparkin'-up" w/ the guys!  We reviewed how to practice running several types of rods - including gouge rod.
group shot.jpg

Many thanks to NM LTAP for hosting the first virtual (online)

Practical Metallurgy 1 training program, November 12, 2020! 

Click image to watch PM1 online intro
PM1 online intro.png

Congratulations & many thanks to Utah LTAP & West Jordan Public Works for hosting a 2-day welding workshops in November, 2019 & March, 2020

WJordan group1.jpg
21 crew members from the Salt Lake City area gathered for 2 days of Practical Metallurgy, oxy-fuel & welding safety, process training (all 5!), distortion fundamentals, stick electrode gouging and thermal lance training.
sm group7.jpg
Coach 'em up & turn 'em loose to practice. 
We learn a lot from watching each other.
Small groups at multiple stations keeps everyone engaged & busy. 
thermal lance1.jpeg
sm group6a.jpg
WJordan action1.jpg
IMG_1872 (1).jpg
Self-shielded flux core in a suitcase, powered by a portable welder is perfect for field repairs
TIG welding is always a favorite process to learn
The thermal lance was a hit!  
Gouging, piercing & cutting

Huge thanks & congrats to San Juan County Utah for hosting welding training for all the county, city & school district maintenance crews October 30-31, 2019

SJCo logo copy.png
Needing to send several crew members to the LTAP welding training scheduled for November, it was determined that hosting their own 2-day welding workshop was a viable alternative. 
  • this created opportunities for area towns & the school district to participate in training without travel expenses
  • reasonable tuition was collected to cover expenses, including pizza & sandwich lunches both days
  • participants were encouraged to bring their own welding machines, rod & wire to learn on their own equipment
Welding & oxy-fuel safety, practical metallurgy, stick, flux core, MIG & TIG (steel & aluminum!), distortion control, plasma arc cutting & gouge rod made up the curriculum.
Unfortunately, once again, I failed to remember to take photos of the guys while they were welding.

Congratulations & many thanks to Kansas LTAP and the Lyon County Highway Dept. for hosting welding training in October, 2019

Beads on plate, T & lap joints on coupons, then the table leg exercise to learn how to compensate for distortion.
22 crew members from area county, city and DOT maintenance shops gathered in Emporia, KS for classroom & hands-on welding training featuring stick, FC-s & MIG on both steel and aluminum, as well as oxy-fuel & welding safety.
Welding aluminum with a spool gun
Gouging electrodes (a.k.a. chamfer rods) were a hit!  Most students had no experience using them, but everyone learned how useful they can be.  

BIG THANKS to Colorado LTAP, El Paso County and Summit County Colorado

for hosting welding training in April and May, 2019!

COLTAP logo.jpg

Colorado Springs and Frisco, Colorado workshops

*  I didn't get any photos, BUT we (40+ students) had a great time learning about
stick, MIG & FC welding, oxy-fuel safety and welding safety.
That's a lot of welding processes to cover in a 1-day workshop! 
Thanks, Zach & Kacey, for assisting in the shop - extra eyes to keep folks safe.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute & the North Dakota LTAP for hosting welding training in April, 2019


Valley City, ND Welding Workshop

20 crew members from surrounding area city, county & DOT maintenance shops gathered for classroom & hands-on training featuring SMAW, welding & oxy-fuel safety, & Practical Metallurgy.
Below left: we always try to have a service truck set up outside with a gouging station.
Participants earn credit toward their
Road Scholar program.

Bowman, ND Welding Workshop

          Crew members from several surrounding county & city maintenance shops gathered in Bowman for a 1-day trainer on stick, oxy-fuel safety, welding safety & carbon steel metallurgy. 
Participants earned credit toward their Road Scholar program.

Thank you, NDLTAP!


HUGE THANKS to Eagle County Fleet Dept.

& congratulations on your Metallurgy, TIG, Stick & Welding Safety Training Day!


The Motley Crew put down some impressive beads on steel and aluminum! 

L to R: Tyler Wilson, Kevin Zaiontz, Daniel Eachus, Talon Ortiz, Hugo Serna, Dillon Block


The ability to set & operate the machine correctly, then perform a weld repair safely are important parts of welding training. Here Kevin practices filling a groove he just gouged in a scrap blade.

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