Training to improve skills, operate safely or just “brush up” on any maintenance welding or cutting process

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Cutting process training also available (see menu or click here)

On-site (your facility) or on-location (neutral site, classroom only).

Either way, I come to you.

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Custom 120-page student/reference manuals available for all participants 

Examples of student manuals from recent Kansas & Utah LTAP welding workshops 

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featuring the Lincoln Electric Safety Series

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by Victor Technologies

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  • Learn the terminology used in the welding & metal forming industry

  • Mechanical properties of steel

  • Heat treatments

Ideal for all maintenance personnel, including supervisors

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Everyone has to deal with distortion at one time or another.  Learn what it is, why it happens, & how to control or minimize it.

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Increasingly popular among maintenance welders - especially those who learn how to use them safely and effectively.

Also widely used in the military.

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